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kaz i lay dying
27 January 2019 @ 09:22 pm
I had a pleasantly productive day even though none of the things I did were on my "necessary tasks" list.

i made things!Collapse )

On the bookish front, I'm still going at my Harry Potter reread. I'm currently struggling with the fifth book, which I've decided I don't particularly like as Umbridge stresses me out and Harry himself is a shithead throughout (which is honestly understandable, but still not super fun to read). I'm also listening to Anna Karenina, which I thought would annoy me as an audiobook since they get the dullest people to narrate classics, but I actually really like the narrator.

Prior to Anna, I listened to the audiobook of World War Z, which was excellent. tbh, I enjoyed it more than I did reading the paperback, but then I'm a sucker for full casts. I finished Kitchen Confidential, which was entertaining but repetative and nothing to write home about, and I read Michelle Obama's book, which I liked a LOT more than I thought I would even though the pacing was weird (very focused on her early life and marriage; she sort of sped through everything after Barack was elected into the Senate).

Lastly, I read The Far Field by Madhuri Vijay. I don't really know what to say about this one except she's gifted with language, but her character development needs a bit of work. It's her debut novel, though, so I'm pretty impressed with it considering.
kaz i lay dying
04 April 2010 @ 11:31 am
only friends.


formerly helviti

ps it is extremely odd that when i first made this post, 2010 was the future.

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